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Simple. Clean. Smart.

Precision linear stage with all electronics inside.

SmartStage™ XY – Direct Drive Linear XY Stages

Save space, save time, save money, and minimize risk in your next instrument design.

DOF-5 Overview
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SmartStage™ XY Specifications

Travel (mm)50100150200
Position Feedback – Encoder Resolution*5 nm5 nm5 nm5 nm
Accuracy (2s, μm) *110121416
Bi-directional repeatability. (2s, μm)
Homing repeatability (μm)1111
Minimum Move (nm)100100100100
Holding Stabilty (± nm)30303030
Load Capacity (kg) *210101010
Maximum Acceleration (m/s2) *310101010
Maximum Velocity (m/s) *30.6111
Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR) *43366
Total Mass (individual axis) (kg)

* Other resolutions available, for options contact an applications engineer
*1 Accuracy has 2 point slope correction applied
*2 Please contact our Applications Engineers for loads exceeding 10kg.
*3 The maximum acceleration and velocity is resolution and load dependent.
*4 Stage must be mounted to a flat surface, see datasheet for details

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The SmartStage XY Linear Positioners is a one of a kind stage with built in controls. Complete the form below to get pricing information and inquire about application support.

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What makes a SmartStage Linear Positioner unique?

A typical linear stage requires a bulky expensive external controller, motor drive circuit, feedback interpolation, limit and home input circuits, as well as multiple cables per axis. With a SmartStage positioner, the high performance controller and all hardware to position the stage are built-in. A SmartStage Linear Positioner delivers all this capability in an ultra-compact package.  This innovative approach is covered by US Patents 10,374,530 and 10,367,436.

What about the performance?

Dover Motion’s unique, patented stage architecture which embeds the encoder feedback circuit, limit and home sensors, digital I/O, 3 phase PWM drive, and high-performance controller inside the stage. By embedding what used to be multiple cables and external electronics, the control is seamless, and performance-optimized for low noise. The result is ultra-high stage performance with 5nm resolution and no backlash.

What else do I need to get started?

Just a power supply and computer! Dover Motion provides a user interface, software libraries, manuals, and code examples. Each stage is factory configured and tested to ensure the highest quality out-of-box performance.

Typical Application Examples

SmartStage XY with slides                    SmartStage XY with well plate

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