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Stepper Controller – DMM-0XX0

Ideal for use with a Dover linear or rotary stage, the Dover DDM (Dover Motion Master) stepper controller provides high performance, stand-alone control and drives for 1 to 4 stepper motor axes.

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stepper controller


The DMM step driver controller handles all trajectory generation functions and runs high level user application programs. It also incorporates simple USB communication.

This controller can be operated in two basic modes, either with direct communication to a host PC or in standalone mode. In PC host command mode, the DMM can accept motion commands via its serial interface. In standalone mode, the controller can be programmed to execute stored programs with an auto-run function upon power up or can invoke stored motion positioning programs triggered by digital I/O. The DMM also provides easy to use front panel controls for selection of stored programs via the integral thumbwheel. Pre-installed programs include homing and axis jogging which are run with the start and stop buttons.

The stepper controller ships with a highly robust application development environment that allows graphical creation of Position and Velocity vs. time motion profiles. This intuitive tool allows definition of trapezoidal or s-curve coordinated motion profiles without the need to invest hours of software development to get a new motion project up and running.

The DMM resides in a compact rugged sheet metal enclosure that provides for easy connectivity of motor, encoder, limit and I/O connections. The package ensures that system setup is quick and reliable. Rubber feet are standard for table top use and 19 rack mounting adapter kits are available to facilitate mounting.

Design Features

Highlighted features of the DMM are:

  • 1-4 Axis Stepper Control
  • USB communication
  • XY linear or circular coordinated motion
  • Single-ended or differential encoder inputs
  • Buffered encoder outputs
  • Digital and Analog I/O
  • Built-in joystick control
  • User Programmable
  • Labview libraries available


The DMM-0XX0 controller is popular with OEM’s and end user’s that want an off the shelf intuitive computer to motion interface which is fast to learn and program.

Base ModelDMM-02X0DMM-04X0
# of Axes1 - 21 - 4
Digital Input / Output8 / 88 / 8
Analog Joystick AxesUp to 2Up to 4
Analog Inputs (-1 for each joystick axis used)88
Step Phase Current (A in 0.2 A increments)0.4 - 3.40.4 - 3.4
Dimensions (inches)5 x 9.5 x 8.56 x 15 x 10
Linear Co-ordinated Motion Axes2 Up to 4
Arc / Circle Co-ordinated Motion AxesNoneUp to 4
External CommunicationUSB 2.0USB 2.0

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