SmartStage™ Positioning Stages

The SmartStage™ positioning stages, available as SmartStage™ Linear for single axis or as SmartStage™ XY for dual axis, are available in a range of travel sizes and options to meet your precision motion needs.

Benefits of a SmartStage™ XY

  • ALL controls inside; ONE external cable
  • 5 nm resolution
  • 0.8 um bi-directional repeatability
  • Easy for prototyping
  • Cost-effective for production

Starting at $5,340
Lead Time: 1 Week
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Starting at $5,340
Lead Time: 1 Week
Discounts may apply.




The SmartStage™ XY series of positioning stages for single axis or stacked XY linear motion was developed in response to the increasing throughput, resolution, and stability requirements of automated microscopy. SmartStage™ XY is the ideal choice for precision positioning applications when accurately positioning your sample, such as a microscope slide or a flow cell. We have shipped thousands of positioning stages to support applications including:

  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Digital cell morphology
  • Automated digital pathology
  • Optical metrology instruments
  • Semiconductor and nanotechnology imaging
  • Digital microscopes
  • High content imaging
  • Automated cell counting

High Resolution Trigger On Position for Image Capture or Laser Synchronization

  • High speed hardware output with < 1 nm resolution for synchronizing stage position with a camera or laser. Ideal for triggering during motion commonly required for TDI Imaging or laser processing
  • A high-speed Trigger On Position output allows precise synchronization of a camera, laser, or other peripheral device with the exact position of the stage. Triggering is configurable at either fixed incremental intervals, or at arbitrary intervals using a user-defined look up table.

Coordinated Motion

  • User defined profile mode (UDP) allows stages to coordinate motion using auxiliary inputs. Stages can be driven by another axis or external source to follow defined motion curves based off the input.