Invetech: Dover Motion Joins the Invetech Family

Invetech is excited to announce that Dover Motion has joined the Invetech family.

Established over 50 years ago, Dover Motion has built a well-earned reputation for superior motion technologies by delivering outstanding precision, performance and reliability. Whether in diagnostics, life sciences and factory automation, the continued growth of the Dover Motion brand in these sectors is highly compatible with the vision and mission of Invetech.

The merger will deliver many benefits to Invetech and our customers including:

  • Time-to-market advantages for Invetech-developed products requiring custom motion solutions.
  • Enhanced opportunities for instrument and equipment innovation where challenges require improved reliability, repeatability and speed.
  • Access to competitively priced motion and control modules.

Sales and support for Dover Motion will be retained at the Boxborough, MA facility.

Merging Dover Motion and Invetech brings many new, exciting opportunities for both companies. We look forward to the additional capability and insight the Dover Motion development team will bring to Invetech. With our combined resources, Invetech is even more equipped to help bring our clients’ product realization goals to fruition quickly and efficiently.