On Demand Webinars

Discover the latest advancements in motion control technology that are revolutionizing the world of digital imaging systems. In this video, Kevin McCarthy, a leading expert in this field, explores how automated digital microscopes are critical components for many life science and metrology instruments.

Duration: 27 mins

Watch our webinar to learn about maximizing throughput in SFI & TDI imaging. We will discuss fluorescence microscopy basics and share benefits to developing a custom microscope. Finally, Steve Auger, President of bioDevices, will uncover the top 10 mistakes in custom microscope design.

Duration: 37 mins

In this webinar, we will cover autofocus approaches for life science microscopy. Our experts will talk about understanding the challenges for multi-well plates and flowcells and share tips for ensuring fast accurate focus. Finally, you will learn about optimizing Z-stacking and XY motion performance.

Duration: 34 mins