Calculate Digital Microscope Magnification, Field Of View, Image Size, and Resolution

In this video, we will explain key optical imaging formulas and how they help optimize your automated digital microscopy imaging application. We will cover selecting the right type of sensor as well as sensor size, magnification, microscopy field of view, pixel sizes, resolution, microscope depth of field, and numerical aperture for the automated microscopy instrument.

Dover Motion Microscopy Calculator

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When designing automated digital microscopy devices for life science, biomedical, and diagnostic applications, you want the highest resolution image and the highest throughput in images per second at a cost that provides the greatest value. To create the optimal design, we use many formulas specific to the imaging sensor and microscope objective selection which also impacts the performance requirements of the sample XY motion and Z focusing motion. When we understand and apply these formulas it simplifies the modeling and prototyping process.

Two examples: The microscope field of view calculation relates the sensor size to the magnification and will determine how many XY movements will be required to image the area of interest on the sample. The microscope depth of field formula is dependant on the chosen objective’s numerical aperture and determines what the Z focusing axis stability will need to be in order to have a clear image at the sensor.

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The DOF-5™  microscope stage is optimized for objective focusing with increased travel, higher bandwidth, and lower cost than piezo stages.

wdt_ID Travel 5 mm
1 Resolution 1.25 nm
2 Repeatability < 50 nm
3 Bandwidth > 225 Hz

The award winning SmartStage™ XY microscope stage offers high precision and includes an embedded controller inside the stage.

wdt_ID Travel 50 - 200 mm
1 Accuracy ≤ 10 μm
2 Repeatability 0.8 μm
3 Payload 10 kg

The XYMR open frame XY microscope stage offers exceptional flatness, straightness, and accuracy. Ideal for cell counting and analysis.

wdt_ID Travel 150 mm
1 Accuracy 30 μm TIR
2 Repeatability < ± 1.5 μm
3 Payload 10 kg