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Automated Imaging

A lot of modern high technology depends on the control and visualization of things that are very small. Because of this, automated imaging is one of the most common applications for XY stages.


Automated Liquid Handling

Biochemical protocols require a lot of pipetting. Many labs use manual pipettes, but increasingly automation has been introduced to increase both throughput and reliability.

Figure 1: XY sample motion


In most imaging applications, the distance between the optics and the sample must be adjustable to ensure that the image can be brought into perfect focus.


High Vacuum Positioning Systems

A number of high-tech processes must take place in a vacuum environment which places a unique set of constraints on precision positioning systems.

Laser Autofocus System

High Precision Systems

High precision positioning stages serve a wide array of applications and can be considered “high precision” for various difference reasons.


Laser Processing

Many positioning applications use an XY stage to produce relative motion between a client’s part and an optical system. Laser processing is when the information flows downwards with an energy source—a laser—that marks, alters the properties of, or removes materials from a client’s part.