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Case Studies

We collaborate with our clients to create the right motion solution for their application.

Read a few examples of how we’ve been a successful partner for our clients in the case studies below.

Improving Biomarker Imaging with SmartStage™ XY&Z

Dover Motion, working closely with NanoView Biosciences, provided a combined motion solution for X, Y, and Z axes, which achieved all identified instrument improvement targets.

Cell Morphology Imaging

Through concurrent and collaborative engineering, Dover Motion designed a compact custom XYZ stage solution to produce high-precision cell imaging in parallel with the instrument design.

Fluorescence Microscopy Compact XYZ Stage

Dover Motion worked closely with Invetech to define the motion system requirements and tightly integrate the hardware in the overall instrument design.

Automating Precision Assembly with the SmartStage™ XY

The innovative Cellerate Assembly Module is enabled by the Dover Motion SmartStage XY platform in order to achieve repeatable assembly accuracy within a condensed package.

Laser Alignment Micrometer Stage

Dover Motion worked with the customer to define specifications for each of the stages that would enable the optimal performance of their instrument.

XY Stage for Hematology Instrument

Dover Motion built a monolithic direct drive XY stage to fit within the client’s already designed high-speed hematology instrument and provided more speed and accuracy.

3D Metrology XY Stage

To minimize the overall size, Dover Motion used compact stepper motors with integrated lead screws. Placing the motors within the stage structure enabled all wiring to be concealed and to exit at the bottom of the stage.
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