Our People & Process

We are your dream team of precision motion experts.

When a dream team of precision motion experts engages in a proven development process that minimizes risks and maximizes innovation, the result is a custom solution that exceeds all expectations.

Precision Motion Experts

Our project managers are empowered to engage the internal experts best suited to your challenge. Our engineers and designers – with, on average, 10 years of tenure at Dover Motion – have deep expertise in our core technologies, but also in a wide range of ancillary technologies. They are well versed in control theory, and optimize servo tuning to extract maximum performance, even in the presence of structural resonances. We design and build our own linear motors, optimized with sophisticated magnetic FEA, and designed to fit into challenging spaces and budgets. Other areas of strength include:

•   Nanometer-level position stability
•   Extremely fast move and settle
•   High-speed constant velocity motion
•   Compact, high force linear motors
•   Custom incremental and absolute encoders
•   High servo bandwidth
•   Low-cost, miniature stepper and servo drives
•   Suppressing structural resonances
•   R-Theta gantry control
•   Advanced magnetic topologies
•   Active vibration isolation


The breadth of industries we serve also allows us to apply best practices and novel thinking from one realm to another to deliver a competitive advantage.

A Proven Process

Each project starts with a feasibility and planning phase, where we carefully listen to your requirements, collaboratively explore solutions, and select the optimal one. In the development phase, we prove the concept through prototyping and pre-production verification and validation. From there, we move seamlessly to manufacturing, where our dedicated cells, supplier relationships and flexible volume production enable a quick ramp up.


A Culture of Excellence

As a Fortive company, Dover Motion operates according to the Fortive Business System (FBS).  FBS tools, based on the Toyota model, aren’t just used to maximize manufacturing efficiency; they are a framework for continuous improvement that we apply to every area of our operation. Our “measure and improve” philosophy extends to individuals as well. Every Dover Motion manager and team member knows that their continuing growth and excellence are the foundation of our collective excellence and success.

Key Members of Our Team


Kevin McCarthy
Chief Technology Officer

In every profession there are only a handful of people who can truly be considered world class.  In the precision positioning space, Kevin McCarthy is one of those people.  With 35 years of experience on over a thousand positioning systems, Kevin possesses an unparalleled knowledge of all aspects of precision motion, encompassing their structure, guideways, motors, feedback devices, drives, and controls.  Kevin’s expertise goes far beyond his precision motion core.  With his physics and optics background, and years of experience designing solutions in cutting edge fields, Kevin brings exceptional context sensitivity to understanding his customer’s underlying needs.   He also has extensive knowledge in a variety of ancillary fields, including high vacuum systems, optics, fluidics, microscopy, and advanced metrology. Kevin collaborates closely with Dover Motion customers to understand their overall system requirements, and works with our engineering team to develop creative, cost-effective solutions that optimally address those needs. Kevin received a BS in Physics from MIT, and for many years ran one of the two private companies that now form Dover Motion.


Kelley Terrill
Chief Controls Engineer

With more than 30 years of EE experience and more than 20 years of tenure at Dover Motion, Kelley combines a deep knowledge of Dover Motion’s product suite with a broad spectrum of system engineering abilities. He brings experience in hardware development as well as extensive knowledge of software (Labview, Visual C++, Beckhoff, Delta Tau,  MEI), project management, system integration (test/debug) and documentation. This skill set enables Kelley to provide technical knowledge and support for any phase of a client’s engineering effort. The challenges can range from a 10-meter long track with a combination of 32 total axes and exact timing requirements for each stage, to systems that require accuracy of less than a micron. Regardless of the size of the challenge, Kelley is hands-on and on-site. His particular gift is understanding our customers’ systems and their nuances to ensure an elegant and fully integrated motion control solution.


Tom Pajak
Team Leader Manufacturing Assembly

Tom is responsible for ensuring that all of the new projects moving through Dover Motion’s manufacturing process remain on track and on time. In his more than thirty years at Dover Motion, Tom has had hands-on experience with virtually every technology and process within our manufacturing and assembly area, from diamond turning air bearing spindles down to millionths to perfecting the mechanical performance of room sized gantry systems. As with many people who are true experts at what they do, Tom makes very challenging and precise adjustments seem easy. He and his team work collaboratively with our customers, designers and engineers to translate concepts into prototypes and then move them into production. At each stage, Tom’s broad and deep practical experience in motion control system manufacturing allows him to tweak and refine designs and prototypes to achieve the most efficient, accurate and cost-effective process and product.