SmartStage™ XY Monolithic Stage

The SmartStage XY Monolithic positioning stage, is a linear motor stage in a low-profile XY form factor, with physically integrated controller, designed for precision positioning. It is designed using stiff crossed roller bearings for superior performance.

  • Stiffer structure, high bandwidth / performance than separate stacked systems
  • More compact
  • Controller physically embedded inside stage structure
  • Single combined power and communications cable
  • Machined-in orthogonality


SmartStage™ XYM Monolithic Stage Specifications

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*Other resolutions available, for options contact an
applications engineer
1 Accuracy has 2 point slope correction applied
2 Please contact our Applications Engineers for loads
exceeding 10kg.
3 The maximum acceleration and velocity is encoder and
load dependent.
4 Stage must be mounted to a plate with flatness according
to dimension details for each travel listed below.
5 Travel Life > 1,000,000 km


The Dover Motion SmartStage™ Monolithic linear motor stage features a specialized monolithic center that couples the upper and lower axes, making the stage stiff and compact and machining in orthogonality between the axes.

Hardware Agility:

  • Unique, compact, integrated motion stage and miniaturized controller, with a single combined power and communications cable
  • Easy integration; with minimized footprint, complexity, and parts count inside your instrument
  • Integrated solution for multiple stages: Optionally linked to other stages


  • Precise, high-performance motion control – and supporting software tools – for the most demanding applications
  • Compelling price-to-performance ratio, achieved using an innovative and patented system architecture
  • Long-life: quiet brushless linear motor, non-contact encoder, crossed-roller linear bearings


  • 50x50mm and 75×75 mm XY Travel lengths available


For precise, high throughput, imagning applications requiring high stiffness, the SmartStage TM Monolithic meets the need with stiff crossed-roller bearings, and an integrated XY monolithic structure.

  • Medical sample motion
  • Microscopy
  • Microelectronics assembly, inspection
  • Laser machining







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