SmartStage™ XY Monolithic Stage

The SmartStage XY Monolithic positioning stage, is a linear motor stage in a low-profile XY form factor, with physically integrated controller, designed for precision positioning. It is designed using stiff crossed roller bearings for superior performance.

  • Stiffer structure, high bandwidth / performance than separate stacked systems
  • More compact
  • Controller physically embedded inside stage structure
  • Single combined power and communications cable
  • Machined-in orthogonality


SmartStage™ XYM Monolithic Stage Specifications

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*Other resolutions available, for options contact an
applications engineer
1 Accuracy has 2 point slope correction applied
2 Please contact our Applications Engineers for loads
exceeding 10kg.
3 The maximum acceleration and velocity is encoder and
load dependent.
4 Stage must be mounted to a plate with flatness according
to dimension details for each travel listed below.
5 Travel Life > 1,000,000 km


The Dover Motion SmartStage™ Monolithic linear motor stage features a specialized monolithic center that couples the upper and lower axes, making the stage stiff and compact and machining in orthogonality between the axes.

Hardware Agility:

  • Unique, compact, integrated motion stage and miniaturized controller, with a single combined power and communications cable
  • Easy integration; with minimized footprint, complexity, and parts count inside your instrument
  • Integrated solution for multiple stages: Optionally linked to other stages


  • Precise, high-performance motion control – and supporting software tools – for the most demanding applications
  • Compelling price-to-performance ratio, achieved using an innovative and patented system architecture
  • Long-life: quiet brushless linear motor, non-contact encoder, crossed-roller linear bearings


  • 50x50mm and 75×75 mm XY Travel lengths available


For precise, high throughput, imagning applications requiring high stiffness, the SmartStage TM Monolithic meets the need with stiff crossed-roller bearings, and an integrated XY monolithic structure.

  • Medical sample motion
  • Microscopy
  • Microelectronics assembly, inspection
  • Laser machining







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The SmartStage™ positioning stages ecosystem offers built in feedback, drive, and controls with only a single cable to operate. When comparing the cost to your exiting motion system, it’s important to include the cost of each individual component you are currently using. This ROI calculator estimates the cost saved by switching to SmartStage™.

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