SmartStage™ Z-50 Nanopositioning Stage

Our nanopositioning stage SmartStage Z-50 provides a unique combination of travel distance, and precision, for Z stage applications.

  • Constant force counterbalance available for a range of masses (600 g-3,800 g)
  • 50-mm travel
  • ALL controls inside; ONE external cable
  • 5 nm resolution
  • 0.8 um bi-directional repeatability
  • Easy for prototyping; Cost-effective for production


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* Other resolutions available, for options contact an applications engineer
*1 Accuracy has 2 point slope correction applied
*2 Please contact our Applications Engineers for loads exceeding 3.8kg.
*3 The maximum acceleration and velocity is resolution and load dependent.
*4 Linear stage must be mounted to a flat surface, see datasheet for details


Leveraging the proven SmartStage Linear compact architecture, and its precise motion solution capability of choice for high-performance microscopy and life science instruments, the SmartStage Z-50 nanopositioning stage now allows you a wide travel range for your Z-stage/focusing applications.

Easy design integration: Leverage a common architecture for your stages, while enjoying reduced part count, size, and complexity, with the controller built-in, and serviced by a single cable connection per stage.

Integrated Solution

  • By including the encoder, interpolator, drive, and motion controller electronics all within the stage, the SmartStage Z-50 is able to achieve high in-position stability and avoid noise errors introduced by external cabling, poor grounding, and other detrimental influences on the feedback signal.
  • Ecosystem of SmartStage XY and Z-50 nanopositioning stages provides an integrated control solution for your applications.
  • Simplified software architecture with common API between X,Y, and Z stages.

SmartStage Controls Reveal

Nanopositioning Stage Options

  • Counterbalance options available for mass ranges from 600 to 3,800 grams
  • For special cases outside of these standard ranges, please contact us for consultation.



The product of choice for focusing / Z-stage applications requiring a large travel range, combined with rapid, precise positioning of large masses.

We have shipped thousands of nanopositioning stages to support applications including:

  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Digital cell morphology
  • Automated digital pathology
  • Optical metrology instruments
  • Semiconductor and nanotechnology imaging
  • Digital microscopes
  • High content imaging
  • Automated cell counting

Coordinated Motion

User defined profile mode (UDP) allows stages to coordinate motion using auxiliary inputs. Stages can be driven by another axis or external source to follow defined motion curves based off the input.





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