Automation in Microscopy Captures the Whole Sample Webinar

The inaugural Photonics Spectra Conference took place online, and featured over 70 presentations in four technology tracks — lasers, optics, spectroscopy, and biomedical imaging.  Dover Motion’s CTO, Kevin McCarthy presentation can be viewed on the conference site here.  Kevin’s Webinar is titled, “Automation in Microscopy Captures the Whole Sample“.

Kevin McCarthy explores recent advancements in motion control technology that improve the image quality, throughput, size, and cost of digital imaging systems. At the heart of many life science and metrology instruments lies an automated digital microscope. The sample — whether a slide, well plate, component, or microfluidic chip — is typically larger than the microscope’s field of view and requires xy sample motion. The features being imaged are very small and require high magnification and numerical aperture. Precise and stable xy sample positioning and z axis focus motion hardware are critical to ensure crisp images. The fundamental decision between the approaches of sequential field (moving between individual fields of view in rapid succession) and time delay integration (TDI) scanning (capturing images while in motion) impacts the choice of camera technology, objective, and motion hardware — all of which McCarthy explores in depth.