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Motion Control Systems

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Motion Control Systems

Dover Motion’s latest innovations have been recognized as innovative and industry leading products.  See how we are disrupting motion control with our SmartStage XY and DOF-5 products that have an embedded controller and drive for simple, single cable connectivity for up to 3 axes of motion.

IDEA Award LEAP Award PRISM Award

Our Motion Control Expertise

Dover Motion offers a broad range of standard positioning stages. Our real strength, however, lies in our ability to design custom, application-specific solutions to OEM requirements.

In our custom systems, we draw from a broad palette of positioning technologies, and produce creative, cost-effective solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of your application. Contact Dover Motion today to design your unique motion system.

We offer our own stepper and servo drive and control module and also partner with leading motion control suppliers to configure optimum servo and stepper control solutions for your particular application. This includes complete servo tuning, initialization and homing routines, and creating sample motion programs where you can add the specific requirements of your application to our stage assembly.  Dover Motion’s control system engineers have the experience to successfully integrate additional customer specified controllers based on the application needs.

We have control theory experts on staff and we use the mathematical models of the servo loop filters in our motion control systems to predict system behavior. During testing, we optimize step and settle, position stability, and constant velocity performance.

We provide complete single-axis servo and stepper drives and controls with very sophisticated cutting edge capabilities in the size of a postage stamp. This type of motion controller can be embedded in the moving axes of your system or provided in more traditional external control boxes.

We support a range of stepper solutions such as:

  • Very fine microstepping
  • Complete suppression of mid-range resonance
  • No motion jitter
  • Very high speed
  • Maximized speed torque curve performance

The Dover Motion Experience

We have extensive experience with high-end motion control algorithms including r-theta controlled gantries, adaptive feed forward, and trajectory shaping. We also use bode plots, low pass filters, and other loop filter techniques to suppress resonances and provide the highest possible bandwidth.

Our servo motion controller system hardware and software solutions can be combined with any of our standard or configured stage designs to create a complete motion control solution. We offer motor drives and motion controller options that complement our motorized linear actuators and rotary stages.

Our stepper and servo motion controller product lines include everything from pre-packaged controllers, drives, and amplifiers to board-level and standalone units for customer integration. Depending on your requirements, USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS-485, CAN, SPI, and other computer interfaces are available.

Our expertise from years of experience with multiple motion control platforms include:

  • Cable and joystick options
  • Motion control programming
  • Stepper motor setup
  • Servo motor tuning
  • Linear and rotary encoder implementation and interpolation
  • Graphic User Interface setup, including NI LabVIEW
  • Coordinated linear and circular moves
  • Multi-point and multi-axis compensation
  • Optimal move profile creation to reduce resonances
  • Digital and analog I/O setup
  • Power supply selection
  • ROHS compliant design and manufacturing
  • SEMI certification
  • CE certification

The Right Motion Control System for You

Collaborate with Dover Motion on your next motion control application. Contact us to learn more about our years of experience in precision automation and how we can create the right motion solution for you.

Let us configure the right motion solution for your unique application. Contact Us

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