The New SmartStage™ XY Linear Positioner from Dover Motion

Dover Motion, with over 30 years of precision motion design and manufacturing expertise, announces the launch of their newest product: the SmartStage™ XY.  The SmartStage XY platform simplifies the motion and control into one package so instrument design teams can focus on bringing their core technology to market.

The SmartStage XY combines the precise direct-drive motion of two axes (X and Y) with all of the motion control components built inside of the stage.  The integrated components include: controllers, amplifiers, encoders, I/O, and 3 communication options.  The resulting SmartStage XY platform has two axes of motion with only a single, stationary cable exiting the unit.  Available in 4 common travels (50, 100, 150 and 200 mm), each stage can be configured to match the mechanical and sample size needs of an instrument or microscope.  As a result, the linear motor based SmartStage XY allows the motion and controls subsystem volume to decrease by up to 400%.

“When working with our customers, we see how all the various subsystems including motion, optics, illumination, reagent storage, and temperature control aggressively compete for the limited space available in benchtop microscopy instruments” says John Garrity, Strategic Marketing Manager at Dover Motion.  “We set out to establish a platform that will help them overcome this space challenge and the resulting product is our SmartStage XY.”

The SmartStage XY is an ultra-high-performance stage with the 5nm resolution Dover Encoder™ embedded inside.  The encoder uses a thick and stable chrome-on-glass scale to achieve 5nm resolution and 0.8µm bi-directional repeatability.   The Dover Encoder and motor technology provide low jitter and consistent motor force over the entire travel of the stage, resulting in extremely low velocity ripple while scanning and < 30nm stability at rest.  The SmartStage XY is the only direct drive linear stage available with a built-in controller and encoder feedback inside.  Additional benefits of the integrated design are that sensitive components are shielded from noise and external debris. The SmartStage XY also supports multiple communication options including RS-232, RS-485 and CAN.

Elevated system performance is also achieved through the advanced motion controller provided inside all SmartStage XY linear positioners; each controller includes advanced triggering capabilities called Trigger On Position (TOP).  TOP allows for accurate triggering of key components inside of a microscope such as cameras and lasers in sync with the motion and position of the stage.  “TOP allows users to flexibly generate highly precise triggers at either periodic increments or table-based positions,” says Kevin McCarthy, Chief Technology Officer of Dover Motion.  “The TOP capability makes SmartStage XY the definitive motion platform for critical and demanding applications such as TDI-CCD scanning imaging.”

The SmartStage XY is the ideal platform for both system prototyping and production launch. Off-the-shelf configurations are available for rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept designs. Dover Motion also provides tools and support for quick, plug-and-play setup.  For product release and launch, the SmartStage XY can be modified and optimized for specific customer needs.  As a result, the configurable SmartStage XY platform decreases product design time, enables on-time instrument product launch, and is a cost-effective solution for production volumes.

The SmartStage XY from Dover Motion has been awarded US Patents 10,374,530 and 10,367,436.

For more information on the Dover Motion SmartStage XY Linear Positioner or the Dover Motion Trigger on Position (TOP) Capabilities, visit the product page: