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The Dover Motion Catalog

Linear Stages
Miniature Linear Motor Stage – MMX
Microscope Stages
Z Focusing Stages
DOF series Dover Objective Focuser stage
XY Stages
Miniature Linear Motor Stage – MMX
Rotary Stages
Motion Controllers
DMCM Motion Controller
Custom Stages
Miniature Linear Motor Stage – MMX
XYZ Stages
XYZ Stages

Over the past five decades, Dover Motion has developed a portfolio of reliable, quality standard motion products that can be modified or configured to fit your specific application. Our linear stages and rotary stages can be combined to create a multi-axis set up, and paired with our motion control systems for a complete subassembly tailored for your project. From stages with the highest precision available today to high throughput and high speed workhorses, the Dover catalog has the right cost-effective motion solution for your application.


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