Performance and Reliability

The DDM direct drive motorized stage combines the compact footprint required of a microscope stage with the performance and reliability of direct drive technology. This stage design offers a minimal center of gravity which enables fast acceleration for high throughput applications.


Direct Drive Motorized Microscope Stage – DDM Specifications

wdt_ID Axis X Y
1 Travel (mm) 120 80
2 Travel (inches) 4.7 3.1
3 Accuracy (μm TIR) 2 2
4 Bi-directional Repeatability (± μm) 0.25 0.25
5 Load Capacity (kg) 1 1
6 Maximum Acceleration (m/s2) 10 10
7 Maximum Velocity (mm/s) 750 750
8 Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR) 4 4
9 Total Mass (kg) - 4.25

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The DDM includes embedded direct drive, three phase ironless linear motors, stiff anti-creep crossed roller linear guideways, and optical linear encoders for accurate and repeatable servo position feedback. This stage is designed to provide imaging throughput of up to 30 images per second with outstanding stability during image capture. Dover also offers fully integrated servo motion controllers to support manual operation or fully automated control for production or diagnostic laboratory environments.

Design Features

  • Backlash free direct drive motor
  • Precise linear encoder feedback
  • Single cable connection
  • Accepts microtiter plates


  • Motor options available: ironless linear 3 phase servo motors
  • Feedback options available: linear encoder with analog or digital (1 um or 0.1 um resolution are standard, other resolutions available upon request)
  • Download the datasheet for additional technical details


The ideal XY motion platform for transmissive and reflective imaging applications as well as processes which require access from above and below the sample. If objective focusing axes are required, other Dover stage products are suitable for vertical focusing axes.