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MMS – Miniature Long Travel Linear Stage

The MMS series of high power miniature long travel linear stages are ideal when a compact size is needed for longer stroke applications. The MMS uses the same high power motor as our MMX stages which provides more force compared to similarly sized stages.

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The Dover Motion MMS series miniature shuttle stage is a high performance positioner designed into a small package ideal for keeping instrument size and cost down. It’s overall height of 37mm keeps Abbe error effects to a minimum. The non-contact ironless servo motor provides high force and stable velocity with no cogging. Four recirculating ball bearing carriages are used to ensure smooth, stable, and accurate motion. The MMS series comes with a precision optical encoder for repeatable closed loop positioning. The stage is designed for fast speeds with no maintenance, making it ideal for use in high throughput applications.

Miniature shuttle stages can be stacked into XY multi-axis assemblies or combined with our MMX series for a stacked XY setup with the MMS being used for long travel load / unload and MMX as a shorter travel axis to reduce overall system footprint.

Applications for the compact linear actuator

  • Ideal for imaging applications where a long travel load / unload axis is required
  • Stack an MMX on top for high throughput XY sample imaging motion
  • Can be used for point to point moves or long constant velocity scans

Design Features

  • Ideal for accurate and repeatable sample positioning motion in imaging instruments
  • Position resolution down to 1.25nm when paired with Dover Motion’s DMCM controller
  • Travel up to 400mm for long stroke applications
  • Low profile, customizable, and stackable design ensures fit within unique applications


Accuracy, slope correctedμm TIR81115
Feedback Device - EncoderAnalog 20 μm pitch, resolution down to 1.25nm
Bi-directional repeatabilityμm222
Load Capacitykg121212
Maximum Accelerationm/s303030
Maximum Velocitym/s222
Flatness & Straightnessμm TIR102032
Pitch & Yawarc-sec405060
Total Masskg2.52.93.7
Moving Masskg0.40.40.4


  • DMCM Dover Motion Control Module, single axis drive and controller
  • Motor and encoder cable kits for connection to DMCM

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