Wafer Inspection, Scanning, and Probing Applications

Dover Motion’s ZE™ precision vertical stage provides a very compact, accurate means of achieving vertical motion. This vertical lift stage provides the very straight, smooth, and repeatable motion needed to satisfy demanding wafer inspection, scanning, and probing applications.


Precision Vertical Stage – ZE™ Specifications

wdt_ID Base Model ZE-05 ZE-10 ZE-15
1 Travel (mm) 12.5 25 37
2 Travel (in) 0.5 1 1.5
3 Accuracy (μm TIR) 7.5 15 23
4 Bi-directional Repeatability (± μm) 1.5 1.5 1.5
5 Load Capacity (kg) 12.5 12.5 12.5
6 Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR) 5 10 15
7 Total Mass (kg) 7.4 9.1 13.1

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In the Dover ZE™ stage, precision, non-recirculating ways in each of the four corners keep pitch and yaw below 15 arc-seconds over full travel. Both 0.5-inch and 1-inch travel versions are available with collapsed heights to minimize the size of the stage. The 8-inch square mount plate allows the load to be placed in line with the lift force, and eliminates the need to cantilever the payload.

This stage incorporates a NEMA 23-frame motor (either stepper or servo) coupled to a lead screw which drives a cam-follower along a wedge. This design provides high resolution while our anti-backlash friction nut ensures excellent repeatability. Each stage includes precision Hall effect limit switches which terminate on convenient, locking D sub-mini connectors. The pitch of the lead screw, the ratio of the wedge mechanism, the motor, and the controller together determine the resolution in our ZE™ stage.

Design Features

  • Low profile with no cantilevering
  • Excellent straightness and repeatability
  • Anti-backlash friction nut


  • Motor options available: stepper or servo
  • Feedback options available: rotary encoder
  • Download the datasheet for additional technical details about this motorized z axis stage
  • View all of Dover Motion’s Z stages


This translations stage is popular for wafer inspection, scanning, and probing applications.



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