SmartStage™ Open Frame XY

The SmartStage™ Open Frame stage, is the first open aperture linear motor stage with an embedded controller physically integrated inside the stage structure providing increased performance and simplified integration.

Benefits of a SmartStage™ Open Frame XY

  • ALL controls inside; ONE external cable
  • Opening sized for well plate, slide holder, or flasks
  • 5 nm resolution
  • 0.5 um bi-directional repeatability
  • Easy for prototyping
  • Cost-effective for production


Aperture Size (4 Standard Slide Size Tray or Wellplate): 130 x 90 mm clear opening

Travel: 115 x 75 mm

Payload: 6 kg


  • CAN 2.0B
  • RS-232
  • RS-485

Contact an applications engineer for additional specs.


Leveraging the proven SmartStage™ linear compact architecture and its precise motion solution capability of choice for high-performance microscopy and life science instruments, the SmartStage™ Open Frame XY now allows you a wide travel range for your transmissive microscopy applications.

Key benefits include:

  • Easy design integration. Leverage a common architecture for your stages, while enjoying reduced part count, size, and complexity, with all the controllers built-in, and serviced by a single cable connection per stage.
  • Unique motor design provides the compact linear actuator smoother motion with industry-leading velocity stability


Optimized for regular or inverted microscopy applications that require an open aperture.

Travel and opening are optimized for well plates and multiple slide holders.



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