SmartStage™ Open Frame XY

The SmartStage™ Open Frame stage, is the first open aperture linear motor stage with an embedded controller physically integrated inside the stage structure providing increased performance and simplified integration.

Benefits of a SmartStage™ Open Frame XY

  • ALL controls inside; ONE external cable
  • Opening sized for well plate, slide holder, or flasks
  • 5 nm resolution
  • 0.5 um bi-directional repeatability
  • Easy for prototyping
  • Cost-effective for production


Appeture Size (4 Standard Slide Size Tray or Wellplate): 130 x 90 mm clear opening

Travel: 115 x 75 mm

Payload: 6 kg


  • CAN 2.0B
  • RS-232
  • RS-485

Contact an applications engineer for additional specs.


Coming Soon


Optimized for regular or inverted microscopy applications that require an open aperture.

Travel and opening are optimized for well plates and multiple slide holders.



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