Low Profile XY Ballscrew Stage

The XYRB™ series precision XY ballscrew stage is a low-profile stage designed for a wide range of applications. This is our highest precision XY linear stage option for applications that require low-cost stepper motors. For additional variations, view all our XY stages here.


XY Ballscrew Stage – XYRB™ Specifications

wdt_ID Base Model XYRB-4040 XYRB-6060 XYRB-8080 XYRB-1010 XYRB-1212 XYRB-1414
1 Travel (mm) 50x50 100x100 150x150 200x200 250x250 300x300
2 Travel (in) 2x2 4x4 6x6 8x8 10x10 12x12
3 Accuracy (μm TIR) Linear Encoders 8 10 15 20 25 30
4 Accuracy (μm TIR) Open Loop 13 15 20 25 30 35
5 Bi-directional Repeatability (± μm) 1 1 1 1 1 1
6 Load Capacity (kg) 75 95 125 145 175 175
7 Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR) 5 7 9 11 15 20
8 Total Mass (kg) 3.9 7.3 10.9 16.6 23.6

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The XYRB™ high-precision XY stage series uses stiff crossed roller mechanical ways for support and smooth motion. Precision ground preloaded ball screws allow higher speeds and better accuracy compared to lead screw-driven motion products. A specialized monolithic center couples the upper and lower axes of the ball screw stage making the stage stiff and compact. Both motors are mounted to the center section, and move with the lower axis. Servo motors and linear encoders can be added for more precise positioning and accurate feedback for the highest repeatability and accuracy.

Design Features

  • High speed ball screws
  • Very repeatable motion
  • Best performance value

Options and Customization for this XY Stage

  • Motor options available: stepper or servo motors
  • Feedback options available: rotary encoder or linear encoder with analog or digital (1 micrometer or 0.1 micrometer resolution are standard, other resolutions available upon request)
  • Download the datasheet for additional technical details


The repeatable performance of the XYRB™ precision XY table makes it ideal for life science and diagnostic instruments that perform automated imaging of a slide or flow cell. Compared to a stacked lead screw stage architecture, the monolithic design and ball screw provide more accurate and repeatable multi-axis positioning within a smaller height package. View all our XY Tables.




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