The Ultimate in Performance, Reliability, and Value

The Dover Airglide™ air bearing stage combines the ultimate in performance, reliability, and value. The stage design uses ultra-precision air bearings providing extremely smooth motion, clean operation, and reliability.


Airglide™ Air Bearing Stage Specifications

wdt_IDBase ModelAG-150AG-200AG-250AG-300AG-350AG-400
1Travel (mm)150200250300350400
2Travel (in)579111315
3Accuracy (μm TIR)444566
4Bi-directional Repeatability (± μm)
5Load Capacity (kg)404040404040
6Maximum Acceleration (m/s²)555555
7Maximum Velocity (m/s)111111
8Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR)
9Motor Peak Force (N)240240240240240240
10Motor Continuous Force (N)767676767676

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The Airglide™ has a brushless linear servo motor that allows for high speeds with no maintenance, making it ideal for use in high throughput applications. This air bearing stage can be setup as an individual axis with travel from 100 millimeters up to 400 millimeters, or stacked as an XY assembly. Additional vacuum and signal lines can also be made available on the stationary base plate and routed to the top plate.

The Airglide™ also includes high flex cabling with standard termination points for single and XY configurations. This cabling system can greatly simplify external wiring for convenient integration.

A linear encoder is standard and available in several resolutions and accuracy grades. Dover Motion offers complete control packages, low profile Z-theta assemblies, and optional wafer chucks.

Design Features

Precision machined components offer:

  • <1 µm accuracy (with 2 pt. comp)
  • Velocity stability < 0.5% while scanning
  • Industry leading straightness (± 0.5 µm)
  • Air bearings stage design provides maintenance free operation


  • Motor options available: ironless linear 3 phase servo motors
  • Feedback options available: linear encoder with analog or digital (1 µm or 0.1 µm resolution are standard, other resolutions available upon request)


The AirGlide™ performance is ideal for high precision laser machining applications which require smooth scanning motion for arc and circle coordinated motion or raster scans due to the Dover air bearings.



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