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DOF-5 for Optical Imaging Applications

A low cost alternative to Piezo nanopositioning stages


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Motion products and stages

Over the past five decades, we have developed a portfolio of reliable, quality standard motion products and stages that can be modified or configured to fit your specific application. Browse some of our most popular product categories below, or visit our products page for more options.

Linear Stages

Browse our catalog of direct drive linear stages, XY stages, microscope stages, screw driven stages, and air bearing stages.

XY Stages

Our XY stages have many options including monolithic, cantilever, open frame, linear motor, and leadscrew.

Z Focusing Stages

Our microscope nanopositioning stages are optimal for imaging applications and offer a low cost alternative to piezo focusing stages.

Custom motion solutions for OEMs

Our core strength is collaborating with our clients to understand their project, and configure the right motion solution to fit their unique application and workflow. This flexibility and innovation is paired with our 50 years of experience engineering motion solutions for the life sciences, diagnostics, and factory automation industries.

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Dover products and configurations can be used for a variety of applications. Click on the examples below to learn more and see how our stages can be the right fit for your project.

Automated Imaging

A lot of modern high technology depends on the control and visualization of things that are very small. Because of this, automated imaging is one of the most common applications for XY stages.


In most imaging applications, the distance between the optics and the sample must be adjustable to ensure that the image can be brought into perfect focus.

High Precision Systems

High precision positioning stages serve a wide array of applications and can be considered “high precision” for various difference reasons.

Automated Liquid Handling

Biochemical protocols require a lot of pipetting. Many labs use manual pipettes, but increasingly automation has been introduced to increase both throughput and reliability.

High Vacuum Positioning Systems

A number of high-tech processes must take place in a vacuum environment which places a unique set of constraints on precision positioning systems.

Laser Processing

Laser processing is when the information flows downwards with an energy source—a laser—that marks, alters the properties of, or removes materials from a client’s part.

Case Studies

Read the case studies below for a few examples of how we’ve been a successful partner for our clients.

Cell Morphology Imaging

Through concurrent and collaborative engineering, Dover Motion designed a compact custom XYZ stage solution to produce high-precision cell imaging in parallel with the instrument design.

Fluorescence Microscopy Compact XYZ Stage

Dover Motion worked closely with Invetech to define the motion system requirements and tightly integrate the hardware in the overall instrument design.

3D Metrology XY Stage

To minimize the overall size, Dover Motion used compact stepper motors with integrated lead screws. Placing the motors within the stage structure enabled all wiring to be concealed and to exit at the bottom of the stage.

People & Process

With an average tenure of 15 years, our team is comprised of thought leaders with extensive domain knowledge. From a simple actuator to multiple axes of coordinated motion, with software interface and vision integration, we have the skill set to match your challenge.

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Our most valuable asset is our people. Our employees influence every aspect of our business—from leading teams and finding solutions to critical problems, to continuously improving our processes. Learn more about what it’s like to be a part of the Dover Motion team and see what openings we have available.

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