Direct Drive Linear Motor Stages

Below is a selection of direct drive and linear motor stage products from our portfolio, and each can be modified and configured to meet your specific needs. Contact us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for. We can help you identify the right motion solution for your application.

The SmartStage direct drive linear motor stage offers high performance and includes an innovative built-in controller right inside the stage.

wdt_ID Travel 50 - 200 mm
1 Accuracy ≤ 10 μm
2 Repeatability 0.8 μm
3 Payload 10 kg

The SmartStage XY Monolithic positioning stage, is a linear motor stage in a low-profile XY form factor, with physically integrated controller, designed for precision positioning.

wdt_ID Travel 50 - 75 mm
1 Accuracy 12 μm
2 Repeatability .08 μm
3 Payload (kg) 10 kg

The SmartStage single axis direct drive linear motor stage offers is our single axis linear stage with a built-in controller. It is available in a range of travel sizes and options to meet your precision motion needs.

wdt_ID Travel 50 - 200 mm
1 Accuracy ≤ 10 μm
2 Repeatability 0.8 μm
3 Payload 10 kg

The DOF series Dover Objective Focuser stage has been optimized for optical microscopy applications.

wdt_ID Travel 5 mm
1 Resolution 1.25 nm
2 Repeatability < 50 nm
3 Bandwidth > 225 Hz

The SmartStage Z-50 provides a unique combination of travel distance, and precision, for vertical Z stage applications.

wdt_ID Travel 50 mm
1 Resolution 5 nm
2 Accuracy 10 μm
3 Repeatability .8 μm

The MMX™ series miniature direct drive linear motor stage has a low profile design with high power linear servo motor options.

wdt_ID Travel 25 - 150 mm
1 Accuracy < ± 3 μm
2 Repeatability < ± 0.4 μm
3 Payload 10 kg

The MMS™ – Miniature Long Travel Direct Drive Linear Motor Stage ideal for imaging applications where a long travel load/unload axis is required.

wdt_ID Travel 200 - 400 mm
1 Accuracy < 15 μm
2 Repeatability 2 μm
3 Payload 12 kg

The MAG™ series servo linear actuator utilizes a moving magnet design and linear servo motor.

wdt_ID Travel 50 - 250 mm
1 Accuracy 3 μm TIR
2 Repeatability < ± 0.5 μm
3 Payload 75 kg

The Airglide™ air bearing stage design uses precision stiff air bearings for large payloads.

wdt_ID Travel 150 - 400 mm
1 Accuracy 4 μm TIR
2 Repeatability < ± 0.4 μm
3 Payload 40 kg

FiberBeam™ linear air bearing positioners are designed for high accuracy in a low profile.

wdt_ID Travel 20 - 100 mm
1 Accuracy 2 μm TIR
2 Repeatability < ± 0.1 μm
3 Payload 15 kg

Let us configure the right motion solution for your unique application.

The Benefits of Using Direct Drive Linear Motor Stages

Direct drive systems using linear servo motors have a number of advantages over more traditional belt-drive, lead screw, or rack and pinion actuators. These include:

  • Fewer parts
  • No wear
  • No particulation
  • Consistent servo tuning from unit to unit and over time
  • Lower audible noise
  • Higher speed
  • Higher acceleration
  • Greater accuracy
  • Greater repeatability

How Direct Drive Linear Servo Stages Work

In a direct drive linear servo motor stage, a linear encoder is used to close the position feedback loop. Meaningful resolutions and position stability of less than one nanometer can be achieved with the use of modern fine pitch optical linear encoders and deep arc-tan encoder interpolation. The non-contact nature of linear motors that drive linear motor stages is especially valuable when teamed with equally non-contact linear encoders and air bearing guideways. For short strokes, single phase linear motors simplify the electronic drive and control. Linear servo motors typically employ 3 phases and the motion controller drives sinusoidal currents into the 3 phases to provide constant force for extended travel. Linear servo motors can be flexibly scaled to fit into very constrained spaces, and can also scale up for linear motors that handle very large payloads.

The key quality factor to maximize is called Km, the unit of Newtons per root watt. The force capability of the motor is limited by its thermal power dissipation, which scales as (Force/Km). To achieve higher force capability, one wants to increase Km. This can be achieved by increasing the magnetic flux density and/or the active copper volume. Winding the motor coils with flat wire increases their copper packing fraction, which allows the active copper volume to be increased without changing the overall motor coil dimensions.

Please contact us if you’d like additional information about direct drive linear motor stages. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you find the right solution for your precision motion needs.