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High Performance Long Travel Linear Stage

The Dover LCL long travel linear stage combines the ultimate in performance, reliability, and value. This long travel linear stage utilizes a brushless, high-power, ironcore linear motor for the high-speed acceleration of payloads and no drive train maintenance.

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long travel linear stage


The Dover LCL’s stage design utilizes recirculating ball bearing carriages for extremely smooth motion, high stiffness, quiet operation, and reliability in a compact package. These features make the LCL long travel linear stage ideal for applications where throughput is critical.

Design Features

The Dover Motion LCL Series Linear Servo Motor Table can:

  • Improve your throughput with approximately 30% more peak force as compared to competitors’ offerings
  • Optimize your system by customizing the product with Dover Motion’s application experts
  • Be stackable and configurable to your specification (multiple lengths available)
  • Provide industry leading precision (+/- 2 microns) for a compelling value


DescriptionStandardHigh Power
Travel (Metric)200 - 2,000 mm in 100 mm increments
2,000 - 5,000 mm in 500 mm increments
200 - 2,000 mm in 100 mm increments
2,000 - 5,000 mm in 500 mm increments
Accuracy (μm / 100 mm)4 (High Performance)
25 (Standard)
4 (High Performance)
25 (Standard)
Bidirectional Repeatability (± μm)22
Load Capacity (kg) 180180
Flatness & Straightness (μm TIR / 100 mm)2525
Maximum Velocity (m/s)22
Maximum Acceleration (m/s^2)2550
Moving Mass (kg)44.5
Motor Continuous Force (N)
Motor Peak Force (N)
Motor Force Constant (N/Amp-rms)15.430.9

CAD Model

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