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Dover Motion’s ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications are a proud accomplishment, but it’s only the beginning.
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At Dover Motion we are more than an industry leader in motion design. With the backing of the Fortive Business System (FBS), Dover Motion offers best-in-class manufacturing and operational excellence. Dover Motion is ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified and REACH, RoHS and Conflict Mineral compliant.

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The Fortive Business System

The Fortive Business System is a framework focused on continuous improvement, customer-centric processes, visual management and lean manufacturing. Adapted from the famed Toyota production model, FBS guides every aspect of our culture. All employees are trained in the tools of FBS which are designed to eliminate waste, minimize risk, ensure on-time delivery, promote safety and, on the highest level, provide a superior experience to our customers. At the heart of FBS is the process of “Kaizen,” a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement that extends to all aspects of our business.

Highly Configurable Production Floor

As part of eliminating waste and in turn saving our customers money, our production floor is comprised of cells, all designed to be moved and quickly reconfigured. This enables flexible volume production, quick turnaround, and a high degree of customization. The cellular layout enables Dover Motion to utilize one piece flow manufacturing, which is statistically proven to improve productivity and efficiency.

Supplier Excellence

With over 50 years of motion experience, Dover Motion works with the best suppliers in the business. All suppliers are held to a Supplier Code of Conduct and continually audited for compliance. In addition, Dover Motion utilizes the purchasing power and relationships associated with being part of a Fortune 500 company (Fortive) to drive purchasing power and utilize low cost region procurement when appropriate. Dover Motion works closely with its suppliers to utilize a Kanban system and just-in-time inventory management. All of these measures ensure our customers receive the lowest cost possible.

Vertical Integration and Experienced Craftsmen

Dover Motion - Manufacturing Excellence - DOF stage developmentOne of the key differentiators Dover Motion offers versus the competition is the co-location of engineering and manufacturing. With engineering and manufacturing located in the same building, we are able to communicate, innovate and problem solve in real time.

Dover Motion operates an in-house machine shop, staffed by true craftsmen with precision skills in both machining and assembly. The average tenure of Dover’s machine and assembly technicians is over 15 years. This provides unparalleled ability to rapidly develop prototypes, deliver best-in-class quality and manufacture stages with best-in-class levels of precision.

Customer-Use Testing

Dover Motion is committed to delivering a product that will drop seamlessly into your process. To accomplish this, Dover Motion’s engineers and project managers work closely with your team to replicate your end-use situation as closely as possible in our testing procedure. This provides the added peace of mind that the component we deliver will work within your unique instrumentation. This is just one of the steps that enables Dover Motion to deliver best-in-class quality as measured by DPM (defects per million).

Timelines to Meet Your Needs, Not Ours

One of the areas Dover Motion prides itself on is the use of customer-centric metrics to track performance. An example of this is how we track on-time delivery. While many companies track on-time delivery based on the promise date to the customer, Dover Motion measures on-time delivery using the requested date by the customer. In other words we work backwards from your desired delivery date, rather than working forwards based on our schedule. Even with this strict definition, Dover Motion offers best-in-class on-time delivery of over 95%.

Dover Motion, a True Life Cycle Partner

We hope this glimpse into operations at Dover Motion highlights our ability to not only bring innovative design but to provide best-in-class quality, cost savings, on-time delivery and overall customer satisfaction to our customers.

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