Linear Stages: <10 μm Accuracy

Below is a selection of direct drive and linear motor products with an accuracy less than 10 micrometers. Each can be modified and configured to meet your specific needs. Contact us if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for. We can help you identify the right motion solution for your application.

The SmartStage direct drive linear motor stage offers high performance and includes an innovative built-in controller right inside the stage.

wdt_IDTravel50 - 200 mm
1Accuracy< 16 μm
2Repeatability0.8 μm
3Payload10 kg

The DOF series Dover Objective Focuser stage has been optimized for optical microscopy applications.

wdt_IDTravel5 mm
1Resolution1.25 nm
2Repeatability< 50 nm
3Bandwidth> 225 Hz

The SmartStage Z-50 provides a unique combination of travel distance, and precision, for vertical Z stage applications.

wdt_IDTravel50 mm
1Resolution5 nm
2Accuracy10 μm
3Repeatability.8 μm

The MMX™ series miniature direct drive linear motor stage has a low profile design with high power linear servo motor options.

wdt_IDTravel25 - 150 mm
1Accuracy< ± 3 μm
2Repeatability< ± 0.4 μm
3Payload10 kg

The MAG™ series servo linear actuator utilizes a moving magnet design and linear servo motor.

wdt_IDTravel50 - 250 mm
1Accuracy3 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 0.5 μm
3Payload75 kg

The Airglide™ air bearing stage design uses precision stiff air bearings for large payloads.

wdt_IDTravel150 - 400 mm
1Accuracy4 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 0.4 μm
3Payload40 kg

FiberBeam™ linear air bearing positioners are designed for high accuracy in a low profile.

wdt_IDTravel20 - 100 mm
1Accuracy2 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 0.1 μm
3Payload15 kg

The XYRB™ series precision XY stage is similar to the XYR™, but incorporates a ball screw for more precise and repeatable positioning. The encoder option improves accuracy.

wdt_IDTravel50 - 300 mm
1Accuracy8 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 1 μm
3Payload175 kg

The DDM™ series direct drive motorized microscope stage provides quiet motion with the best accuracy and repeatability of the open frame series.

wdt_IDTravel120 x 80 mm
1Accuracy2 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 0.25 μm
3Payload1 kg

The FM™ series is a ball screw linear stage with a stiffer table and larger crossed roller bearings.

wdt_IDTravel100 - 350 mm
1Accuracy5 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 1.5 μm
3Payload115 kg

The LMB™ series ball screw linear actuator is a high-precision, single-axis stage with crossed roller bearings.

wdt_IDTravel50 - 300 mm
1Accuracy8 μm TIR
2Repeatability< ± 0.5 μm
3Payload175 kg